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Only DNA Test can give you peace of mind, solve disagreement and answer all your questions regarding parentage relationship. The main purpose of this test is to prove whether you and your child are biologically related or not. Remember, only DNA knows.

Only the applicant or an authorized person can receive the results by pick-up, post mail or email. We will send the result to the applicant upon his/her request if thru email or mail.

Your privacy and security are important to us. All the information of the client, especially their test results, will be strictly confidential. Also to protect confidentiality, we do not disclose any information regarding the test results over the phone. We assure you that all samples and computer systems are secured, and all samples, DNA profiles, and personal information are destroyed and will be automatically deleted in our system once the applicant/s has received the test results.

The test results have a maximum accuracy rate of 99.9999%

The child could be of any age (new born babies, infant, etc.). However, there must be consent given by the parent or legal guardian if the child is a minor.

If the DNA samples didn't provide sufficient data, we will ask the mother to participate. If we collected enough DNA sample, the mother’s participation is not required.

This depends on the kind of test you will need. For appointment details, please contact us.

 At DNA Genes PH, we prefer the method of collecting buccal cells from the inside of a participant's cheek for DNA analysis. It is very simple, convenient and painless.

In a non-legal test, yes you can. However, the test results using this kind of sample cannot be used for legal purposes or in any court proceedings.

 Once we receive your payment, we will already ship your DNA Test Kit and you will receive it within 24 to 48 hours.

Yes, but we will require the grandparents or siblings of the alleged father to participate in the DNA Testing. For more information, please contact us.

You can use swab-kit for a non-legal test. We will provide you instructions as to how you can perform the sample collection properly. There will be a list of procedures and guidelines provided in the swab-kit.

The sample for a legal DNA test is collected by one of our staff here in our office whereas the samples for a non-legal DNA test can be collected by our staff or by the participants themselves.

For non-legal test, participants can provide their samples at different times and from different locations in the country. For further information, please contact us.

It depends on the kind of testing you will need. You can contact us for further information.

The release of the result will take approximately 20-25 working days for the non-legal DNA test and 25-30 working days for the legal DNA Test. However, we inform the clients if the results have been released earlier in the laboratory.

Our laboratory always achieves a 0% probability of parentage if the alleged father/mother is not the biological father/mother and a greater than 99.999999% probability of parentage if the alleged father/mother is the biological father/mother.