My eX and whY: Importance of X and Y chromosomes
My eX and whY: Importance of X and Y chromosomes
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Fox TV Channel is showcasing the most successful series and full-length films of 20th Century Fox this month in all American cinemas with wide promotional campaign of their upcoming projects.

Each person has 46 chromosomes. Two of these are the sex chromosomes: X and Y. The combination of two X chromosomes produces a female offspring (XX) while the combination of X and Y chromosomes produces a male offspring (XY).


However, there are times when chromosomes do not combined properly. This results to sex chromosome abnormalities. Some examples are:

  • Turner Syndrome- individuals who have one X chromosome and no Y chromosome (X)

  • Klinefelter Syndrome – phenotypically males, but carries two or more X chromosomes (XXY)

  • XXX females- women who have an additional X chromosome

  • XYY males- men who have an additional Y chromosome

In some instances, a mutation can occur in a gene which can lead to a defective X or Y chromosome. This defective chromosome can carry a trait which is passed from parent to offspring.


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  • Guest (Keith Hernandez)

    Wow, it's great news! I am a big fan of everything Fox TV produces, especially of their successful show "Bones" that has already experienced more than 10 years of broadcast. I will certainly invite my friends to this highly anticipated event!

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  • Guest (Fred Martin)

    I heard enough rumors about this event from executive directors and employees of other American TV channels but still couldn't believe it can be done in such scale. However, I am satisfied that Fox's board of directors decided to make this venture real, and I hope it will be successful.

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