From an Expert’s Perspective

Experts will explain the mechanisms behind the ingredients in meals, food supplements, and food with specific health benefits.

    Indigestible Dextrin

  • Mechanism of action

    Carbohydrates, taken from food, are broken down into glucose inside the body. It is then absorbed by the small intestine and sent to the liver. Indigestible dextrin, on the other hand, slows down the speed by which sugar is absorbed in the small intestine. Moreover, indigestible dextrin also slows down the absorption of fats in the food and acts to lessen the absorption of dietary lipids after eating. Because of its effects in the intestine, a lot of people want to actively take this active ingredient.

    Recommended for:

    Duck ・ Boar ・ Koala ・ Cow ・ Wolf ・ Tiger ・ Crocodile ・ Sea Lion

    Available in the following products:

    Body-revitalizing tea W(Coca Cola Company)
    Tea to drink with your meal W(Asahi)
    Mets plus+ lemon squash(Kirin)
    Pepsi Special(Suntory)

    • Quercetin glycoside

    • Mechanism of action:

      Quercetin, a type of polyphenol, found in familiar vegetables such as onions and broccoli
      Quercetin glycosides are absorbed in our body after being hydrolyzed to quercetin in the small intestine.

      When quercetin arrives in adipose tissue, a hormone sensitive lipase (a lipolytic enzyme) is activated and fat is then decomposed.

      In addition to the lowering of cholesterol, it also acts as an anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic agent and has other variety of physiological effects.

      Recommended for:

      Fox ・ Raccoon ・ Duck ・ Boar ・ Giraffe ・ Rhinoceros ・ Koala ・ Cow

      Available in the following products:

      Mamoru gate special tea(Suntory)
      Green Tea “Iyemon Tokucha”(Suntory)
      Onion Skin Tea(Orihiro)

    We will be adding more active ingredients on this page. Stay tuned!

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