We will introduce the testimonials of people who participated in the pre-genetic test kit and have monitored the inspection.

  • “I was on a diet for carbohydrates, but it was more difficult to burn fats than sugars! I didn’t know what supplement would be good but it is very helpful that we have products to choose from. After the test, I started to examine the ingredients of the tea that I buy and drink every day. If I see the ingredients that the test suggested in the label, I would definitely buy it.”

    - S.N., 30’s, Female, Giraffe Type

  • “I didn’t know which diet supplement would be suitable and I have tried a number of them. But, I got to know the supplement that suits me after I took the test. Now that I don’t have to think twice about which supplement to buy, there will no longer be any wasted money.”

    - M.S., 20’s, Female, Koala Type

  • “This will be helpful. From the given information, I understood which exercises are effective. I would like to change my previous diet plan, which wasted my efforts so far, into a protein and exercise-centered diet plan.”

    - K.T., 40’s, Male, Fox Type

  • “I applied for the test with my 3-year- old son. As a parent, I was relieved that the sampling was without pain. It was interesting since even a parent and a child can have different results. It seems like there will be no difficulty in following the diet plan since it has even recommended meals that would be fitting for me."

    - Y.K., 30’s, Female, Koala Type

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