Sample Report



The report contains the following:
‣ Your animal type and its characteristics
‣ Analysis of your genotype
‣ Diet plan radar chart
‣ Advice in three areas: exercise, food supplements, and meal

User name and password are listed in the report Your username and password are provided in the report, which you can use to login to your account in the user page of the website.

Your Animal Type and its Characteristics

The animal type in the report describes your body’s constitution. From twelve animal types, you will know if your body’s constitution makes it easy for you to lose weight, accumulate visceral fat and/or subcutaneous fat, or possess high or low metabolism for carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids. In addition, because the information on the results include your basal metabolic rate and recommended daily calorie intake, you can comfortably know the amount of calorie that you should eat.

Genetic Analysis Results

iGENO Shape On, Shape Up will report the results of your genetic analysis using three genes commonly associated with obesity and one gene found to also be related with obesity. (β3AR, UCP1, PRARGC1A, and β2AR). If you look at the results, you will know what kind of activity each gene does and who has the same genotypes as yourself.

Diet Plan Radar Chart

 『Exercise』 ・ 『Healthy Food and Supplement』 ・『Meal』

The radar chart displays 10 items for an efficient diet plan from three different fields! You can tell at a glance which diet plan is effective for you. Every method is effective and thus, if you make the effort to follow the diet plan, it would also be effective for you!!

Advice in Three Areas: Exercise, Food Supplements, and Meal

From the results of your genetic analysis, experts in pharmacy and nutrition will introduce diet plans suited for your body type.

In the field of exercise, you will be introduced to simple fat burning movements, aerobic workouts and body weight exercises you can do at home specifically for your body type. Exercise videos are available to watch on the website.

With food and supplements, we will introduce ingredients and additional products to your diet plan, supervised by pharmacists, that corresponds to your body type. They include protein and enzyme ingredients, fat burning supplements, and absorption blocking products. You do not have to worry about choosing dietary products anymore!

As for meals, we will introduce ingredients that would suit your body type under the supervision of a dietician. Through the help of this diet plan, daily grocery shopping would be fun and easy as you know which ingredients are low in calories and sugar, and which will increase your basal metabolism.


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