Advice from three specialized experts

  • Three perspectives

    1) Advice from an expert in DNA testing

    2) Advice from an expert in pharmacy

    3) Advice from an expert in diet and nutrition

     Experts in these three fields will give you advices towards creating a comprehensive diet plan.

  • 1)Advice from an expert in DNA testing

     A professional who deals with DNA and has been doing DNA testing.

     Because we are doing our own extraction and purification of DNA as well as the interpretation of results, we understand the extent of influence of gene mutation on the body’s constitution.

     The report will include the analysis of genes involved in lipid metabolism and carbohydrate metabolism as well as in the increase and decrease of heat production and your body’s constitution from the results of these multiple gene analyses.

  • 2)Advice from an expert in pharmacy

     It is important to understand which dietary supplements are effective and how often they should be consumed.

     An expert in pharmacy who understands the efficiency and mechanism of action of active ingredients found in food will suggest food supplements or food with specific health benefits suitable for your body’s constitution.

  • 3)Advice from an expert in diet and nutrition

     Meals for three times a day which can influence the body and mind and become an essential element in managing strength and well-being.

     Food is directly linked to diet and is an important factor in greatly influencing our health.

      An expert in nutrition who is familiar with ingredients and recipes that could influence nutritional balance and metabolism will suggest food effective for diet that matches your body’s constitution.

  •  We will recommend the diet plan that would match your body’s constitution from 3 highly specialized perspectives. There is no universal diet plan wherein everyone would absolutely lose weight. “diet plan for you”- this is the concept we pursue.

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