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In iGENO, to further analyze problems related to obesity, a gene was added to the existing known “obesity genes” and thus,
using four obesity genes (β3AR・UCP1・PRARGC1A・β2AR) in our laboratory.

A short introduction to our laboratory.

We offer detailed Japanese genetic analysis.

You can choose a database specific for your race because there are separate databases for specific target populations. For example, people with the same genotype may have different functions and physique for those living in the United States and Japan. Therefore, the genotypes for Japanese can be analyzed using the “Japanese database” and the genotypes for Americans can be analyzed using the “American database”.

Customers end up satisfied with the fast, affordable and comprehensive DNA analysis of our laboratory, along with the detailed analysis report.

Privacy and security of personal information

When applying for this genetic test, your personal information is secured and protected. Our DNA laboratory is trusted by the Japanese courts, police authorities, and medical institutions. As such, you have nothing to worry about!

After your genetic test, there would be no sales mail, e-mail, or telephone call. We also do not intend to sell any food or supplement for any dietary purposes.

Let us help you by suggesting what diet plan suits you as we sincerely wish you a wonderful and healthy life.