From Application to the Report

  • Application

    You can easily sign up and apply through our website.

    Our site offers simple application forms you can easily fill out.

    Application Form Application Form

  • Payment

    Allows you to select bank transfer or credit card payment options.

    Credit card payment is made possible and easier through the Cloud Payment screen.

    After confirmation of payment, the test kit will be sent to you. Please wait for the kit to arrive.

  • Sampling Kit Arrival and DNA Sample Collection

    Fill out the application form and proceed to collect your DNA sample.

    Collecting DNA is simple and easy. Gently rub the swab inside your mouth (on the inside cheek) for about 10-15 seconds.
    This is also safe, painless and without bleeding.

  • Returning the Forms and Sample

    Please complete and return the necessary documents as well as your DNA sample.

    Upon arrival of the documents and sample in the laboratory, the analysis will start.

  • Report

    The report will be available in about two weeks.

    Your animal type and accompanying experts’ advice will be written in the report. Thus, you will no longer be confused about which diet plan to take.

  • Your Diet Plan Starts Now!

    Please log in to the user page report and enter your username and password.

    The diet best suited for you will be available in your report.

    Let us help you through suggesting which diet plan suits you, as we sincerely wish you a wonderful and healthy life.


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