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A Philippine-based DNA collecting center and a Japan-based DNA testing company that is committed to provide clients in both public and private sectors with affordable, accurate and confidential DNA testing services in collaboration with the main company, Analysis Laboratory of Forensic Science, Inc., and the laboratory of DNA Japan, Inc

For over the years, DNA Japan Inc. has achieved and delivered outstanding DNA testing services in the legal profession, private sectors and the public.

Until now, our well-established commitment and integrity have continued to provide our clients excellent services they deserve. As one of the most trusted laboratories in Japan, we are dedicated and pride ourselves in offering high standards of quality, confidentiality, efficiency, reliability, accuracy, and satisfaction. We also provide and collaborate with the Japanese police authorities who entrust us with a wide variety of projects and cases with regards to forensics and legal investigations. Moreover, our company complies with the rules and regulations set by courts for the procedures and requirements necessary in immigrations, civil laws and other legal affairs.

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